Frequently asked questions

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How does the Key ESG software work and what does it help me manage?

Key ESG is an online, cloud-based software that you can access anytime, anywhere. First time users have direct access to an industry ESG benchmark and a self-guided ESG baseline assessment. After completing the assessment – which can be done as rapidly as within a few hours – a unique Key ESG report will be generated and can be downloaded as a PDF. The report shows your company’s ESG baseline performance versus industry peers across a set of ESG metrics.

Informed by your company’s relative performance, the report outlines tailor-made recommendations on how your company can improve ESG outcomes. Furthermore, the ready-to-print report can be used to effectively communicate your company’s ESG performance to external and internal stakeholders.

After completing the initial baseline the cloud-based software can be accessed at any time to generate additional ESG assessments, so that you can track your company’s ESG performance over time. Since the software is cloud-based, we will ensure we will update the ESG performance of your peers in real-time so that you always have access to the most up to date ESG information.