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What’s included?

  • 5 ESG metric baseline assessment
  • Top 10 ESG best practices
  • Single-user access

£733/ mo £8,000/ yr

Perfect for companies of 10 – 200 employees, with operations in 1 country

What’s included?

  • Complete ESG baseline assessment
  • ESG industry benchmarks
  • Library of ESG improvement initiatives
  • ESG management implementation toolkit
  • Ready-to-print reporting
  • ESG expert Q&A webinars
  • Online customer support

£1,833/ mo £20,000/ yr

Perfect for companies of 200+ employees, with multi-country operations

What’s included?

  • Complete ESG baseline assessment
  • ESG industry benchmarks
  • Library of ESG improvement initiatives
  • ESG management implementation toolkit
  • Ready-to-print reporting
  • ESG expert Q&A webinars
  • Priority live customer support
  • Team access up to 3 users
  • One-to-one ESG expert calls
  • Company & board ESG training
  • Access-to-sustainable finance training
Managing a portfolio of companies?

Contact us directly to discuss portfolio solutions. We can work together with you and your team to offer:

  • One aggregated view of portfolio level ESG performance
  • Transparent, centralised ESG data collection
  • Consistent, comparable ESG metric calculation methodology
  • Portfolio level ESG reporting
  • Interactive portfolio ESG management dashboard that facilitates ESG collaboration between your team and portfolio companies

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    Key features explained

    ESG baseline assessment

    Key ESG’s baseline ESG assessment gives visibility on your ESG performance across each dimension: Environment, Social and Governance. We designed the questionnaire to request materials companies have readily available, to minimise the time needed from your team.

    ESG industry benchmarks

    Key ESG industry benchmarks cover the ESG performance of companies across all industries. We have integrated these benchmarks into your Key ESG baseline report allowing you to understand your ESG performance vis-à-vis peers.

    ESG improvement innitiatives

    Key ESG’s library of actionable ESG improvement initiatives are developed by our ESG experts and consider industry best practices. The library provides a good starting point for companies wanting to improve their ESG performance and find initiatives that fit their unique circumstances.

    ESG management implementation toolkit

    Key ESG’s management implementation toolkit outlines an easy-to-follow process towards implement ESG into the organization. Each step of the process comes with interactive tools, ready-to-print guidance and best practice examples. Upon successful completion of the process your organization will have a unique ESG policy and clearly defined ESG governance to effectively manage ESG.

    Ready-to-print reporting

    From your company’s Key ESG baseline assessment our team of experts generates a unique and ready-to-print company Key ESG report. The report shows your company’s ESG baseline performance versus industry peers across a set of ESG metrics and provides tailor-made recommendations on how to improve ESG outcomes. The report can be used to effectively communicate your ESG performance to external and internal stakeholders.

    ESG training for your company & board

    Key ESG’s training modules bring your organisation up to speed on what ESG is, why it matters, and, how it can effectively be managed. Key ESG’s modules are written with the business operator in mind and are tailored to its relevant audience: employees, management team, and, the board.

    Access-to-sustainable finance training

    Key ESG’s guidance on access-to-sustainable finance primes your organization on the sustainable finance opportunities available to companies with effective ESG management. Key topics explained are: the realm of sustainable finance instruments, the benefits and suitability of each, and, best practice examples on how others successfully obtained such instruments.

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