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Our software is designed to make sustainability intuitive and accessible.

How it works

1. Gain visibility

Complete our online questionnaire and gain visibility of your company’s baseline ESG performance versus industry peers

2. Improve and track over time

Review suggested areas of improvement for your company, select corresponding targets and KPIs, and track your performance periodically

3. Tailored reporting

Own your company’s ESG narrative with our ready-to-print reporting templates, each tailored to different stakeholders such as investors, banks or boards of directors

Our cloud-based methodology is continuously updated with the latest regulations, ensuring that your measurements are always up-to-date

Our experts track regulatory developments on an ongoing basis, so that you don’t have to…

Key tools your company will have access to

Questionnaires that distill the ESG metrics that matter

Industry benchmarks to compare your performance

Improvement initiatives

Data visualisation to track performance

Ready-to-print reporting templates

We’ve done the heavy lifting to propel you on your ESG journey

 esg framework

We have navigated all the relevant ESG frameworks to distil which metrics are most relevant and what methodology should be used to measure them.

 esg solutions

We have analysed the ESG policies, performance, targets and KPIs of listed companies that are top ESG performers in their sectors and selected those targets and KPIs that are relevant, measurable and impactful.

 esg disclosure

We update our proprietary ESG performance database on a continual basis so that you have a “real-time” overview of your performance versus your industry peers.

 esg policy

We mapped what matters to key stakeholders – asset managers, investors, lenders, board members, managers, regulators – and aligned our software dashboard to reflect the most relevant ESG metrics.

  • Measure

    esg data

    Measure your current ESG performance versus your industry peers to establish where you stand on ESG

  • Manage

    esg management

    Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and receive actionable guidance on how to progress your ESG performance

  • Report

    esg reporting

    Control your ESG narrative through ready-to-publish ESG reporting templates designed based on industry leading standards

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